Seattle, July 19, 2004

Mission Statement

As our very name states, the purpose of our Association is to cherish and present the cultural traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina through a variety of artistic expressions, such as: folk dance, instrumental and vocal music, poetry, drama, film, painting, sculpture, handicrafts, etc.

During the Bosnian war (from 1992 to 1995) and shortly thereafter, some 7,000 Bosnian refugees settled in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. These refugees brought within themselves a great cultural treasure, which they would like to preserve through our Association, transfer it to their children, and share with the people of their new country.

Our Association started its activities with its folk dance group, which had its first rehearsal on March 28, 2004. The Bosnian-Herzegovinan community as well as our friends and neighbors of other ethnic heritages enthusiastically greeted our first performance at the University of Washington Slavic Fest on May 16, 2004 and highly motivated us to continue our work.

Most of our our members are of Bosnian and Herzegovinan origin and most of them are Bosniaks (Bosnian-Herzegovinan Muslims.) However, we are open to and welcome all admirers of Bosnian-Herzegovinan culture regardless of their age, gender, their ethnic, national, racial, or religious affiliation, or their sexual orientation

The name of our Association is “Sevdah,” which in old-Bosnian means, among other things, “Love.” It is not by chance that we chose this name for our Association. Love expressed through art is what we would like to share with our fellow citizens, neighbors, and friends.

For the B-H CAA Sevdah

Denis Bašić
President and Artistic Director